This High School Student Has 39 College Acceptance Letters And $1.6 Million In Scholarship Offers

2 years ago



This amazing would-be-student got 39 college acceptance letters. What is more, she received $1.6 million in scholarships. What’s her secret? Here is what the Typical Student team will tell you about.


Who Is She?





Her name is Jordan Nixon and she is a high school senior in Douglas County, Georgia. Jordan is only 17 but she already was accepted into 39 colleges and universities. Besides, she received $1.6 million in scholarship offers.


"I wanted to challenge myself. That was the most important thing for me, just to show others anything is possible and that anyone can accomplish it, too," says Jordan.  


Today, Jordan keeps a slate of extracurriculars. It includes co-captaining her school's cheerleading team. In addition, she takes part in the Chick-fil-A Leadership Academy, a leadership program from the Georgia-based fast-food chain.


What Did She Do?





According to Jordan, the student she applied to about 50 schools in all. Some of them are still thinking but the result Jordan showed is really fantastic. Angelia Nixon, student’s mother, said that “It really was amazing at first, and then it became: When are the letters going to stop?”



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