She Did It: Student Passes Her Exam Successfully Thanks To Fake Boarding Pass

3 years ago



Cheating on the finals is almost impossible, so here’s a hilarious story of a college student who succeeded in that and told her insane story. Today, the Typical Student team is going to it share with you. Brigid, a college student from the US, was studying at college far away from her home. She went home for the weekend and, when her nice weekend with family was coming to an end, she suddenly realized that she didn’t prepare for the final test she was supposed to take the following day. So she came up with an insane plan on how to postpone her test.

Postponing The Test

ceating-on-finals-1.jpgBrigid wanted to win a couple days to prepare for the test, so she contacted her college and asked for postponing her test. She told them that her flight was canceled and she wasn’t able to take the test on time. The administration of her college agreed to let her take the test a couple days later, but Brigid had to show her boarding pass that proved that she really wasn’t able to come on time for the test. And there was a problem – she didn’t have one.

Fake Boarding Pass

ceating-on-finals-2.jpgSo Brigid made a fake boarding pass and fully prepared went to exam a couple days later. And everything was going on well until her teacher told her that he was going to check whether she really was on that flight.


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