College Student Was Selling Cocaine And Meth With IOS App Available On App Store

3 years ago



February 2019, a college student was caught when trafficking drugs through an iOS app. By the way, it is still available on App Store, so let the Typical Student tell you more!


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It happened to a UC Santa Cruz student. Last week, he faced charges of distribution and possession with intent to distribute cocaine and methamphetamine. Officials say that the student was able to control the business an app which you can find on App Store. They say, Collin Riley Howard, 18, “developed the app "Banana Plug" to distribute narcotics and other contraband to local customers between Nov. 7 and Nov. 28, 2018.”


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Next to methamphetamine or cocaine, this app advertised "Molly" and "Shrooms." Besides, it was possible for customers to make "special requests" for other controlled substances. Although UC Santa Cruz police were tipped off to the illicit app when they found "Banana Plug" posters on campus, the app remains available for download.

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