Student Stung By Scorpion During Canadian Flight Goes Viral

2 years ago



This story happened to a Canadian student and immediately went viral! Well, that’s quite understandable, as you can’t deny that meeting scorpions on the plane is not the thing you do every day. So, let the Typical Student team provide you more details!


Original Story





To make a long story short, a student named Quin Maltais was on the plane when she felt something strange. It was a fluttering motion on her back. And only when the girl felt a sharp sting she decided to look at the back of her chair. She saw a four-inch scorpion hiding there. Quin was on the last leg of an Air Transat flight between Toronto and Alberta when it happened.


“As soon as the lights turned off again, closer to when we're literally about to land, I felt the piercing pain on my lower back, like, oh, my God, something bit me,” said the student.


The Reaction

Should we mention that people were completely shocked? Here is what the audience says.














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