17 Times Student Tattoos Went TERRIBLY Wrong

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It’s summertime. After an exhausting college year it’s finally the very time to go crazy and have fun.  I bet that most of you committed something crazy and fun and at the same time something you really ashamed of during your summer break. Beach, insane parties, rock shows, friends, alcohol, and extremely hot weather seem to make a perfect summer.

However, having fun obviously has its consequences. As a matter of fact, most of the stupidest things ever done by students such as foolish haircuts, getting married in Vegas or posting embarrassing videos on your social media accounts. Though, annul a marriage or delete a video from Instagram is much easier than get rid of a stupid and truly ugly tattoo. The Typical Student team listed 17 examples of extremely foolish tattoos that were made by students thoughtlessly.

#1 Of course, hilarious tattoos can mean something important for its owner like Rory Kirkman’s tattoo of math formula on his bottom. Rory decided to make this tattoo after (with tremendous efforts) he managed to get A’s in math.


#2 Most of the times spontaneous tattoos look horrible and awkward. This guy probably needs this tattoo for his part-time job as a stripper.


#3 This is probably an illustration of Marilyn Monroe’s face while watching this stunning tattoo.


#4 Two arms were certainly not enough for this guy, so he made a tattoo of two more. Why not.


#5 Third nipple is not a usual thing and this guy perfectly knows it. That’s why he made sure everybody else won’t mix it up with something like an acne or a mole.


#6 Everybody loves M&M’s, but not as MUCH as this student.


#7 Captain Jack Sparrow will never be the same again.


#8 So nice to have an accurate picture of your mom which will always be with you.


#9 This Joker surely misses his Harley Quinn really bad. Just look into his sad and disenchanted eyes.


#10 When did this lovely lady managed to lose her other eye?


#11 This Rayan Gosling is definitely preparing for a new role of a crab, or whatever this creature is, in a sci-fi movie.


#12 Babies are so sweet.


#13 This is probably how Angelina Jolie looked like after splitting up with Brad Pitt.


#14 The tattoo master who made this is a truly cruel and mean person, unless this student’s brother was Voldemort.



#15 This tattoo is certainly doesn’t look like a photo, but no doubt the tattoed Ryan Gosling looks way better than the original photo.


#16 The night starry sky is something you can watch forever as well as this tattoo of a starry sky.


#17 You can consider yourself to be a genius if you managed to read this.


Well, now you know how stupid and ridiculous tattoos can be, so think twice before getting one. Besides, getting rid of tattoos takes a lot of time and money, not to mention that it’s incredibly painful. Have a great and fun summer and don’t do the things you will be ashamed of in autumn!

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