New England Student Was Told To Take Off Her “F*ck Nazis” Sign As It’s Not “Inclusive”

3 years ago



Here is another story that went extremely viral in December 2018. To make a long story short, a college student from the University of Massachusetts was told to remove “F*ck Nazis” sign from her window. Let the Typical Student tell you more!


Who Is This Student?





So, her name is Nicole Parsons and she is a college student from Amherst. Nicole is a junior at the University of Massachusetts. One day the student decided to put up a sign in her dorm window that says "F*CK NAZIS YOU ARE NOT WELCOME HERE." It happened just after someone drew swastika over a "Happy Hanukkah" sign she put.

"I thought maybe if I hang the sign up, maybe the person who drew the swastika will see it and see someone condemning their actions, even if the administration doesn’t do it," the student said.

Initiative On Campus





However, the University of Massachusetts workers told Nicole that she should take off the sign. Why? Just because it wasn’t “Inclusive”. Actually, the local initiative on campus is called "Hate Has No Home at UMass". Which means that "all forms of bigotry and hatred."


Needless to say, Nocile did not expect the university to take any issue with the sign. Still, she receives the email from a resident director asking her to remove the sign over "issues of inclusion."





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