FASCINATING Before-and-After Pictures Show How Students Changed Over 17 Years

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The famous photographer Josephine Sittenfeld was a junior at Princeton University in the early 2000s. During her studying she made portraits of her college friends on medium-format film. After the campus exhibition, where Josephine’s works were presented, she left the photographs in her parent’s house, where the pictures were in an old closet for almost 20 long years.

Last spring. just before her 15-year college reunion, Josephine suddenly remembered about the old photos of her former college classmates. The photographer immediately gathered all the old pictures from her college years that she had to bring to New Jersey, where the college reunion would have taken place. Josephine took her digital camera as well, since the idea of recreating the same shots but in the present day had just come to her mind. The main idea of Josephine’s project was to show how people can change and age over just 15 years. The Typical Student team has discovered the AMAZING photo project by Josephine Sittenfeld and wants to share it with the readers.

How Did Josephine Come Up With an Idea for the Photo Project?

So on the day of the reunion Josephine, with pretty great efforts, took pictures of her aged college classmates in the similar location and postures. The task, according to the photographer, was not easy at all, since she was trying to take the photographs of her former college classmates during the party. Besides,  it was pretty difficult to find everybody she photographed  because some of her college friends looked completely different.

“Reunion”, that is how Josephine called her photo project, is a nostalgic series of photos that shows the natural transformations of people, Josephine’s college classmates in particular. Before-and-after photos, pretty much like college classmates gatherings themselves, are bound to demonstrate some drastic changes and even make some people feel  melancholy and blessed at the same time. Moreover, as a piece of art “Reunion” is pretty much comprehensible for everybody and appears simple and profound simultaneously.

How Did Josephine's Models Lives Turn Out?

Among the photographer’s former college classmates, who were on the pictures,  was the actress Ellie Kemper, who did not attend the college reunion party, but happily agreed to participate in Josephine’s photo project. Over the years, Josephine Sittenfeld has grew up as a photographer. Her works have become more emotional and somehow even more intimate. However, her early works with her college classmates as models in simple postures with their hands crossed and untidy hair, and very often with an indifferent or scornful looks on their faces, in the casual campus atmosphere seem to have their special allure.

One of Josephine’s models said that their old portraits have “the ultimate sensing of a life ahead”. By the time of the “Reunion” photosession all of Josephine’s former college classmates have really matured. The photos show not only the former students’ physical changes, but also their emotional and personal growth. So are you ready to check out this fascinating photo series? Here are the unbelievable before-and-after pictures showing how college students aged over the 17 years by Josephine Sittenfeld.

#1 Tenley and Ryan

#2 Anna


#3 Larry


#4 Aili


#5 Eveline 


#6 Ellie


#7 Sophie


#8 Olympia


#9 Craig, Denise, Amy, and Jess


#10 Josephine



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