Students in The University of Georgia Now Allowed To Choose Their Grades to Avoid Stress

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Business Professor from The University of Georgia says he found the solution to students’ mental health issues and work-based stress. For these reasons, Dr. Watson allows students to choose their own grades. He calls it a “stress reduction policy” and today the Typical Student team will tell you about such a marvelous studying method.


Dr. Watson and His Method



Nope, we mean another Dr. Watson but his methods are worthy of Sherlock’s attention. This story is about Dr. Richard Watson, who works as a Business teacher at the University of Georgia, US. During this academic year, professor has noticed that his students mostly feel “unduly stressed” and this stress is connected with their grades.


To help students forget about stress, Dr. Watson offered a “stress reduction policy”. It is already in use for Watson’s classes. This teaching method allows learners choosing their own grades.


Emotional reactions to stressful situations can have profound consequences for all involved,” comments professor.


How Does Stress Reduction Policy Work?


The policy proposes students working with the positive comments only. Obtained by Campus Reform, Watson’s course notices the students that feel stressed by the grades they get during professor’s class.


In case a student believes that a grade is inappropriate, they should email the instructor and write which grade they think is appropriate. Then the grade will be so changed. To say more, Dr. Watson doesn’t require explanation!


Are These Any Other Stress-free Aspects?



Besides, professor Watson also wants to improve group learning. That’s why he also allows the students who feel stressed by “group dynamics” leave the group with no explanation. The student’s grade will be given them after their individual work.


Was The Syllabus Confirmed?


It looks like Watson’s syllabus does make sense. Now professor is waiting for it to be confirmed.


What Else Is Dr. Watson Going To Change?


One more thing for you to know! In accordance with the original document, (published on the site of the University of Georgia) Watson’s students are also required to have some open notes and open books tests. It’s only for those people, who take part in Watson’s Data Management and Energy Informatics classes.

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