Students Involved in Initiations Must Be "Removed From University" Following Tragic Death of Ed Farmer

2 years ago



Jeremy Farmer, the father of Ed Farmer who tragically died after an Agricultural Society initiation in December 2016, has called for all students involved in initiations to be "removed from university". The Typical Student team learned the details. 

Ed Farmer's Father Calls For Justice


Mr. Farmer told Today news outlet the following: "Nobody has admitted responsibility. We certainly don't blame the students who were part of the initiation process. I think we don't ultimately blame the university. It's just a lack of understanding on the university's part of the problem that they had got, and I think it's been quite a shock to them to understand the seriousness of the problem."

What Happened To Ed Farmer?


Back in December 2016, the initiation party turned into a complete mess when students were forced to shave their heads, taking shots from a pig's head and downing 100 trebles between 40 people.  The investigation of Ed’s death was re-opened this October. It is alleged that student’s death was caused by cardiorespiratory arrest through alcohol poisoning. As told in the coroner’s report excess fluid was found in Farmer's lungs and a starvation of oxygen to the brain.


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