Windward Community College Team Launches Real Rocket For NASA Project

3 years ago



The UHCC Rocketry Team from Windward Community College takes part in the NASA Student Launch Project competition. They have almost 60 competitors and here is what the Typical Student team will tell you about.


The First Test

To start with Windward Community College team successfully passed test flights. They were made with a small version of a bigger rocket the team designed and built.  "A lot of it is the testing and showing NASA that we can handle what we were assigned to do," team member Knyte Bennett-Jeremiah said.

The leader of the team is Katherine Bronston. She says that "it's intimidating but at the same time it's exciting competing with all these other universities."


Further Plans





Talking about their plans, in April, the UHCC Rocketry Team from Windward Community College is going to launch their ten-foot rocket. It will happen near NASA's Space Flight Center in Huntsville, Alabama. By tradition, the rocket must meet NASA's design and payload specifications.



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