Pittsburgh Student Goes Viral After Creating Thank-You-For-Vaccination Cake For Her Mom

2 years ago



To make a long story short, this grateful teen decided to make an unusual cake for her mother. The vaccination thank-you gift quickly went viral, so let the Typical Student team tell you more!


Who Is This Student?





Alyssa Jackson is 17 y.o. and she’s from Pittsburgh. Alyssa wanted to make something sweet to tell her mother. Something to show Alyssa is glad she and her siblings are that they’re immune to infectious diseases.

Here is what the student says:


Vaccinations are very important because you are not only exposing your child to certain threats. You are also bringing other children into it,” the teen said. The cake says: “Thx 4 Vaccinating Us, Mom.”


The Inspiration





According to Alyssa, she and her 19-year-old sister “always try to make our mom laugh”. What did inspire the girls? Sisters were picking up Alyssa’s immunization records from the doctor when they stopped at Dairy Queen to get some food.


While sitting there, we made the decision to get the cake, and we wanted to write something on it. And we do appreciate her for getting us vaccinated,” said Alyssa.





I feel like people should do what they believe in. Even if that means they won’t get vaccinated. It sucks, and they should do it, but I have no right to interfere with other people’s lives,” student adds.

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