Did You Know: Students Who Love Watching “Friends” Have Better Exam Scores

3 years ago



If you love "Friends" TV series, you’ll start loving it even more after reading this! The new survey streaming service DIRECTV has surprisingly revealed that students who love watching Friends actually do better in exams! How about that? The Typical Student team has learned more about this surprising discovery.


Comedy vs Drama Lovers: Who Does Better in Exams?



The survey held in US universities drew a comparison between students' SAT results and their favorite TV shows. “Friends” turned out the most popular show in the list of high performers. However, it wasn’t the only show linked to great exam results. It appeared that students who prefer watching comedy TV series, succeed in exams whereas those who like dramas, don’t.


What Are the Other Popular TV Shows Among the High Achievers?



Want to know other popular TV shows among the students that succeed in exams? Try watching The Simpsons, Seinfeld and South Park when getting ready for exams! Apart from comedies, the high achievers also like Top Gear, Sherlock, and House of Cards. Does that mean that liking cars, detectives, and US politics makes you smarter?


What Shows Are Preferred By Not So Smart Students?



Okay, we’ve figured it out with the smartheads, but what about not so smart ones? Surprisingly, the survey has shown that watching particular TV series can be connected to poor exam results! Alas, some of our most popular shows are on the list. Game of Thrones, Breaking Bad, Arrested Development, Dexter, The Wire and Band of Brothers, are all unfortunately connected to lower SAT scores.


How to Boost Exam Scores?


So, what should you do if you hate “Friends”? Putting all of the TV shows aside, let’s talk about the ways of boosting exam scores. Here are some of the activities that can boost your exam grades:

  • taking thorough lecture notes (that can help in revision and retaining information);
  • time management (yes, all of us love procrastinating, but leaving things to the last minute is just BAD);
  • eating healthy revision foods and coping with exam stress has proved to help students to get the degree.

Do you believe there’s really a correlation between the TV shows and exam performance?

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