Wisconsin Students Won’t Be Punished After Scandalous Viral Nazi Salute Pic

2 years ago



Autumn 2018, this students’ photo shocked web space. A group of students was showing something that looked just like a Nazi salute. Today, this story has a second part and here’s what the Typical Student team is going to tell you about.


Original Story

students-wont-be-punished-after-nazi-pic-1.jpegAlthough the pic was made in May, it went viral just this autumn. It was taken by a parent. Peter Gust was not hired by the school district to take photos and just wanted to make a good pic. The parent also posted the picture on his site but deleted it after the image went viral when it was posted online by an anonymous Twitter account. The image includes both current and past students of the Baraboo High School class.


What’s Next?

students-wont-be-punished-after-nazi-pic-2.jpgLuckily for students, the school district officials say that they won’t be facing any repercussions for their actions that took place before the junior prom. Here is what the superintendent of the Baraboo School District, Lori Mueller, wrote in her letter to parents: “officials couldn’t punish the students for their actions because of their First Amendment rights.“As previously stated, we cannot know the intentions in the hearts of those who were involved.”
Despite a 10-day investigation, there are still many things school authorities can’t understand they say.


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