That's What Everyday Routine Looks Like When You Are An Oxford Student

2 years ago




Oxford student Paul Ostwald, who’s studying Philosophy, Politics, and Economics, told Crimson Education about his usual day at university. And that's what the Typical Student team is going to talk today.

Why Oxford?




Paul says that he loves Oxford mainly because of its special atmosphere. He also adds that the whole city has the surrounding that no other city has.


Paul’s usual day





According to Paul, because the term at Oxford lasts only eight weeks and they have a very long vacation, everything happens during these eight weeks. So Paul tends to be in the library at about 9 o’clock in the morning, that is why, he usually wakes up at 7:30-8:00, to get a coffee before. He is working in the library until 2pm and then he has lunch in a small café near the library.


Paul spends the rest of the day either in the library or at extracurriculars. He also likes spending his afternoons with other Oxford students talking about their projects or just socializing. Then Paul goes to the library once again where he is working on his projects, essays, and other homework. He usually comes back home at around 10pm and in the morning everything starts again.


So this is Paul’s usual day at Oxford. He adds that his day might seem to be boring because most of the time he spends studying in the library. But he enjoys studying and he loves being at Oxford.



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