7 SURPRISING Classroom Supplies US Teachers Bought Thanks to Crowdfunding

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The school supplies are getting more expensive while the education funding is getting cut in the US. So some teachers had to spend their own money to provide their students with the basic supplies like crayons and toothbrushes. A recent report from Scholastic found that teachers spend on average $500 a year of their own money to supply materials for their classrooms. 

With tight budgets, teachers turn to crowdfunding to buy school supplies. Donors Choose is one of the biggest resources that attempt to supply teachers with the necessary school items.

1. Soap, $3.47/32Oz

One California teacher used the school fundraising resource to request four 80oz soap refill containers for the entire school because it is not regularly provided to teachers.



2. Flexible Seating for Successful Learning, starts at $350

While some teachers buy school supplies online, others use online crowdfunding. Ms. Scott teaches Grades 3-5 at Mary L Fonseca Elementary School in Fall River, MA, and she is looking for flexible seating such as stability balls, stools and wobble cushions for her students to get the movement they need while they learn.





3. Apple iPad, $475

Mrs. Durling teaches a group of 6 children with autism in the Bronx. Her children are non-verbal and have trouble communicating their basic wants and needs. The teacher believes that such teacher supplies as iPads would serve as a supplementary aid to build off of those necessary skills her students need to have to be successful.




4. Blocks, sand and a water table, $620 

Another school fundraising idea was suggested by the teacher from Providence, RI, who believes that her kindergarten students need blocks, sand and a water table in her classroom. Blocks, sand and water play provide unlimited opportunities for problem-solving, science, social and emotional growth, mathematics and creativity.





5. Weaving loom, $343

Ms. Maxwell from Kokomo, IN, does not feel like spending her own money in the teacher store near her, however, her students are in need of school supplies. The teacher tries to include craft projects that incorporate the standards to make learning more enjoyable for her students. Having a weaving loom in the classroom will be a great addition to the knitting and crochet activities! All students will be able to work on a project of their choice and have colorful yarn to motivate them to learn a new craft.






6. Socks, $10/6 pack

When Lengnick-Hall began her teaching career, she was not aware that she would be spending thousands of dollars each year by buying school and teacher supplies including new socks for her students from poor families.





7. Resource Lab library, $241  

Mrs. Martinez from Los Angeles, CA, is a special education teacher who works with students from low-income families. She wants to provide her students with the 8th-grade school supplies. She encourages them to read, but not all the parents have the money to buy books for their children. That is why she wants to have a Resource Lab library in her classroom so the students could explore different types of text and continue their reading at home by checking out the books.





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