7 SURVIVAL Tips for Students on How to Love Your Roommate

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Are you ready for a new year at college? Ready or not, the autumn semester is about to start soon. And, some of the unluckiest ones are already back to school. A new academic year pretty often means a new living situation not only for the freshmen, but for all the other college students as well.

Sharing an apartment or a dorm room is a big deal, so you need to know some useful tips and tricks for living with your roomie. Is it your very first time living with a roomie? Or maybe, you've already shared an apartment with someone? The Typical Student team listed 7 practical tips on how to get along with your roommate and not to kill each other! Tune in.

#1 Being nice to your roomie


living-with-a-roomie-02It sounds pretty simple and it is indeed. Just make friends with your roommate and not only your life in a shared apartment will improve, but you will find a good college friend is well. How to do that? You can simply start a conversation with your roomie and get to know each other better, and you won’t even notice how you two will become best friends.

#2 Communication is the key


It is quite obvious that your roommate and you will not become besties if you don’t communicate with each other. Moreover, communication is not only a way to get to know each other better, but also a way to solve your household problems. You can discuss anything with your roomie from personal life to household chores and this will definitely improve your coexistence together.

#3 Don’t be afraid to speak up


Nobody is perfect, that is why at least once, or most likely not only once, your roomie will do something that freaks you out. You should not hesitate to talk to your roommate about your concerns. Remember that both of you pay the same amount of money for your apartment and both of you have to change your habits a little bit in order to peacefully coexist with each other.

#4 Make your cleaning schedule 


Cleaning is probably the most frequent cause of the arguments between the roommates. So in order to avoid the quarrels plan your cleaning schedule. You can either decide which particular rooms you and your roomie should clean, or arrange the days when you and your roommate have to clean, or you can clean the whole apartment together as well.

#5 Are you quiet enough in your quiet hours?


That means that both of you shouldn’t bring friends late at night when either of you are preparing for a test of just sleeping. Simple as it is.

#6 Respect each other’s personal space


Respect each other and don’t keep your things everywhere. Organize your stuff on your side and do not clatter up the sink area. You both share an apartment, so you both have to keep your stuff organized.

#7 Hang out with other friends

hang-out-with-friends-memeYes, it is cool when your roomie and you are best friends, but still you should make friends with somebody except your roomie. The more friends you have – the better. Because sometimes you need to communicate with other friends except your roommate, moreover, it’s nice to have a lot of friends.

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