Sydney Principal Is Rooting for Australian Students To Use Google For HSC Exams, And Here's Why

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Exams are a stressful, but some schools manage to find ways of making exams less stressful for their students. As told by LadBible, Shane Hogan, the principal of Kambala Girls School in Sydney found a new way to help students relax during exams - by using the internet. The Typical Student team learned the details. 


Internet Access During Exams: How Is This Possible?



Despite phones aren't allowed during exams, Hogan believes this could "improve the overall experience of the HSC and produce better quality students." In his interview to the 2GB radio station, he commented as follows: "You have to think historically about the HSC and what it was designed to do. If we're gonna test the kids let them use the tools that they will really use when they're out in the workplace. " He continues: "The students have the essays prepared before they enter the room. It's almost irrelevant."


Making Changes To Education System In Australia



"There's no depth in their learning, there's no passion in their learning. It's merely a race to the finish. It's time the HSC entered this century." And, there's certainly some sense to what he's saying. 

The exam procedure doesn't forbid students to have their essays ready when heading into their English, History, Business Studies, Studies of Religion exams. Using the internet could provide studens with more information and allow them to give a better answer. As for the education system as a whole, Mr Hogan suggested that schools should offer students the possibility to explore one or two subjects deeper than it is offered at hand and not to make them pick a minimum of 10 subject points instead.


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