That’s How First-Time Students Can Attend California College For Free

2 years ago



Today, the Typical Student team has brilliant news for those would-be-students who dream of getting higher education in California. Actually, there’s a chance for first-time students to get free education, regardless of your income.


College Promise





To start with, “College Promise” is a student-oriented program which offers free tuition for the first-year students. Talking about the offer made by California community college, it is sponsored by Democrats from Bay Area and Los Angeles. It will also cover the second year of education at different colleges all around California. For example, the list includes Santa Rosa Junior College.


The Bill





Finally, the bill appeared after Los Angeles Assemblyman Miguel Santiago joined David Chiu of San Francisco, Kevin McCarty of Sacramento and Rob Bonta of Oakland to provide free education.

“It’s very simple — every student who comes through a community college should have the opportunity to earn their associate degree,” Santiago said. “This isn’t a handout because students have every inch of skin in the game to maintain stellar grades and commit full-time.”
Now everyone is waiting for the bill to pass. As a result, it would provide two years of free tuition to first-time students that will attend college full-time.


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