How to Teach Amazon Alexa New Foreign Languages Fast & Easy?

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Amazon Echo is pushing the new area of language learning. Cleo, the latest language-learning skill has just been added to Amazon Echo, and everyone is excited. People speaking languages other than English can utilize Cleo to teach languages to Alexa, thus broadening its foreign vocabulary. Over the time, with the help of Cleo, the Amazon digital assistant will pick up your foreign vocabulary. Currently, Alexa can speak only three foreign languages, so it needs help in expanding its capacity.

Alexa’s competitor, Google Assistant, can speak more languages and is expected to add up to 30 languages by the end of 2018. Amazon wants Echo’s users to help Alexa learn a few things. Created by Amazon's team of computational linguists and data scientists, Cleo is meant for individuals speaking languages currently unrecognized by the Amazon Alexa smart assistant.

Fierce Competition: Alexa vs. Google Assistant

As of 2018, Alexa can understand different English accents - American, Indian, British, and Canadian. Apart from English, it can speak German and Japanese. Such a limited scope of spoken languages constrains Amazon’s reach with Alexa.

On the other hand, Google Assistant has an impressively vast selection of spoken languages. The Google Home speaker can speak 5 languages: English, German, Japanese, French, and Italian. The smartphone apps powered by the Google Assistant can speak 9 languages. Undeniably, Google’s intention of increasing the number of spoken languages to 30 poses a threat to Amazon.

Throwing in more languages, of course, makes the smart speaker more attractive to the audience of foreign language speakers. However, it also creates a demand for more voice apps and skills to suit foreign consumers. As for Alexa, last fall it emphasized English for Indian customers adding 1,000 new skills to its arsenal.

How to Use Amazon Cleo?

Cleo is free to enable within the Alexa app. All you need to do is enter the Alexa skills section, search "Cleo," and press "Enable." To start using the skill, just say: "Alexa, open Cleo."  Please mind, you need to let Alexa know which is the second language apart from English that you speak. After that, Alexa will ask you in English to pronounce something in the second language. It may ask for something specific, like, "Think of a band you listened to growing up. Ask me to play them." Alternatively, Alexa might ask you to say anything you can think of.


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