Teacher Bullies: 5 SHOCKING Stories Told by US Students with Disabilities

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Students with disabilities often get bullied by their teachers, and it’s not a joke. People who are supposed to be humane and understanding, very often turn out to be pretty cruel. If you think there are few kids with disabilities in regular classrooms, think twice. As told by Boredpanda.com, the number was about 63% in the 2016-2017 school year. So, what happens to kids with disabilities when they get to school? The Typical Student team tells you 5 SHOCKING stories from students with disabilities.

Tumblr user Allegra Willow posted several classroom horror stories. Bullying can take horrifying forms “from getting insulin pumps pulled out to being ignored during life-threatening emergency health reactions.” Sharing these stories is crucial to remind how important is being humane and understanding.


504 Plan to Protect Students With Disabilities


The 504 plan is meant to protect students with disabilities or chronic illnesses in public schools. Educational facilities following the 504 plan can include “verbal, visual, and technological support together with excused absences or missed classwork.” For students with disabilities this means they can keep their medications in the classroom and use them in case of emergency.

See the true stories shared by mistreated students with disabilities:

#1 Teacher substitute takes away student's hearing aides


#2 Teacher substitute mocks a student unable to walk


#3 Exam proctor rips the insulin pump off of a student mistaking it for cheating device


#4 Teacher forbids a student with high blood sugar reaction to go to the doctorstudents-with-disabilities-harassment-04

#5 Teacher rips off an insulin pump mistaking it for a weapon


How Did Internet Users React?

Most Tumblr users couldn't believe these heartbreaking and shocking stories were actually true. Both teachers and students were appalled by the unprofessional and cruel behavior of educational staff. Some users even asked how parents could let something like this happen to their kids. 

teacher-bully-students-with-disabilities-user-reactions-01teacher-bully-students-with-disabilities-user-reactions-02504 Plans: How Can Students With Disabilities Protect Themselves?

Allegrawillow shared important piece of information about the 504 plans in attempt to raise students' awareness about the harassment problem. She wrote: "Students can qualify for 504 plans if they have physical or mental impairments that affect or limit any of their abilities to: walk, breathe, eat, or sleep; communicate, see, hear, or speak; read, concentrate, think, or learn; stand, bend, lift, or work."

Learn more about 504 Plans and the rights you are entitled to as a US citizen and student. 


Source: @allegrawillow

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