World’s Best Teacher Dunker Who Vent Extra Viral Among Students Did It Again

2 years ago


In 2018, this teacher already went viral thanks to his unexpected skill to put on an incredible dunking display during halftime of a Lakers game. However, in 2019, Jonathan Clark created something even more extra. And here is what the Typical Student team will show you in this post.


World’s Best Teacher Dunker





His name is Jonathan Clark and today he is the middle school science teacher. As it has already been mentioned, Jonathan showed a breathtaking dunking display during halftime of a Lakers game. It made his extremely popular among students and not only.


The Viral Video





Although these days he’s still just a self-described "pro dunker", Jonathan Clark has competed in various contests through the years. However, the most interesting part is what he shows in the school walls. This video of Mr. Vlark thrilling his students with a spectacular classroom dunk became super popular.

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