Teetotal Clubs & Alcohol-Free Accommodations: Are UK Students Turning To Sobriety?

3 years ago



Unfortunately, students are often associated with drinking habits. As reported by the Guardian, more and more young people in the UK are keeping away from booze.As of recent, the UK students are entering teetotal clubs and looking for alcohol-free accommodations. The Typcial Student team learned about the statistic.

Survey On Student Alcohol Habits



The survey conducted by University College London, shows that 36% of 16-24 year-olds in full-time education are not touching alcohol. Dr Linda Ng Fat, the lead author of the study, believes that yound people shun from alcohol due to an overall decline in drinking. She comments on the results as follows: “It seems that non-drinking is becoming more normative, which could make it easier for more and more young people not to drink, should they choose to.”


Why Are UK Students Drinking Less?


Indeed, drinking alcohol is predominantly associated with student life. However, high levels of student debt and pressure to do well in university inevitably results in students going out less. As students are having less time for having fun, the number of working students while doing their degrees, has increased. Oftentimes, these are "not just Saturday jobs but often near full-time work alongside study.”

UK universities are feeling the student trends, and adjust to the "cultural shift". As told by the Guardian, a growing number of institutions such as Swansea, St Andrews and the University of Aberdeen already offer dedicated alcohol-free accommodation!

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