That’s How Tennessee Student Hacked College System To Change His Grades

3 years ago



How do you think is it possible to hack your college computer? And would you do that to download exams answers? This is what the Typical Student team will tell you about in this post.


Original Story





To put it briefly, recently one of the students from a private Tennessee college was caught on cheating. His name is Michael Geddati and, according to the officials, this student has pleaded guilty to downloading exams and changing grades to preserve his scholarship. Today, Michael is 20 y.o. and he has a scholarship of $30,000 per semester at Rhodes College in Memphis. Or he had?


How The Student Did It?





To make a long story short, Michael just received good help from computer fraud. The student simply obtained credentials and pass for his teachers to access their accounts. That’s how the student download exams and exam keys. What’s more, he even changed official grades! Needless to say, after this case Michael Geddati was expelled. He can face up to 5 years in prison at his sentencing on May 24. And the ex-student should also pay back scholarship money to the college.



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