Tennessee Uni Creates LifeSafe App To Protect US Students Across The Country

2 years ago



Due to the multiple bad situations that happen to US students across the country, the University of Tennessee created a new safety app, which works on campus. In this post, the Typical Student team will share with you all the main info about the application.


tennessee-uni-creates-lifesafe-app-2.jpgTo begin with, LifeSafe is the name of the new app, which was made by the Tennessee University. The main purpose is to allow local students to contact university police ASAP in emergency situations. Due to numerous incidents, it's important to do. Besides, the app will let other people monitor students when they are traveling.

Now, the app is also being adopted by other college campuses across US.

The Main Functions of The App

tennessee-uni-creates-lifesafe-app-1.jpgTo make a long story short, LifeSafe simply connects students with campus and its police. It lets young people call 911 immediately and report incidents from the mobiles. You can also send anonymous letters directly to UTPD. There’s a number of functions to be used in emergency situations. For example, providing a GPS location, which allows the police to respond quickly.

There’s a 'SafeWalk' feature. it was made to let students share their location with others. The feature works in real time. It sends alerts to the friends or relatives a student choose and shows that you are OK. Among the other app’s features, there are police and medical services and the possibility to locate a nearby fire.


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