That’s How Freshers Week Started for UK Students (SHOCKING Pics Inside!)

3 years ago



As you can see, for some students the Freshers’ week already ended. Unfortunately, not all the learners had fun these days and mostly nights. For many UK students, Freshers’ week started with a heavy-drinking party but ended with leading away by cops. Don’t you think these parties were kinds too much? Today, the Typical Student team has for you fresh pics!

Last night, many drunk students were seen brawling outside bars. It happened in the streets of Portsmouth. After these events, the Hull University hanged one of its campus bars into an ice-cream parlor. They also reduced the hours of its nightclub. Why? Just view out these pics!


Here are the famous drunk students brawling outside bars


All the young men were led away by police officers.


Looks like that’s for good.


Security also tried to deal with unruly students.


Also, there were other students, who quickly grab the attention.


They were collapsing on the ground and required medical assistance. In the end, the students were wheeled into ambulances.


There was a real mass brawl in Guildhall Walk, in Portsmouth, last night.


When the club closed, the students started fighting with one another. Someone called the police to help to deal with the brawl outside the Astoria club.

A few students even tried to run away.






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