Wyoming Elementary Became The Smallest School In the World

3 years ago



There’s a very unusual school in the western United States. It has only one student and only one teacher. However, it’s not the first school with such a small students’ list. And that’s what the Typical Student team is going to tell you about!


Notch Peak Elementary



Notch Peak Elementary is a tiny school located in the state of Wyoming, US. There are only 2 people in the school. The only student is Corinne Gaby and the only teacher is Lisa Geary. The girl has no brothers or sisters. She lives with her parents on a large ranch in a mountainous area. Notch Peak Elementary school was based on the idea that every child in the U.S. has the right to a public education. 




You may not remember it but, in 2014, there was another school called the smallest one. It located in Italy and has only one pupil in the class as well as in the entire school. This elementary school in the tiny town of Alpette, Turin, used to be the smallest in the world. 


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