These UK Universities Hosted the Highest Number of Extremist Events Since 2015

3 years ago


According to the new  report by the Henry Jackson Society King's College London had hosted 16 of "extreme" events since 2015. Moreover, King's has ranked second for the highest number of "extremist" speakers invited to campus since 2015. As seen from the statistic, King's beat Birmingham, Queen Mary, and UCL – who hosted 15 each. Of all UK universities, SOAS hosted a total of 70 extreme events in three years. The Typical Student team learned the details about scandalous statistic.

Who Are The "Extreme Speakers" Visiting UK Universities?


At defined by the Henry Jackson Society, extreme speakers are individuals affiliated and "representing organisations with an ongoing history of extremism". All in all, ever since 2015, there have been 435 events (including off-campus student events) featuring an extreme speaker. The UK universities league table reveals the institutions that hosted the most extreme events:

  1. SOAS, 70 events.
  2. King’s College London, 16 events.
  3. University of Birmingham, 15 events.
  4. Queen Mary University, 15 events.
  5. University College London, 15 events.
  6. Kingston University, 13 events.
  7. Cardiff University, 12 events.
  8. Brunel University, 11 events.
  9. Manchester Metropolitan University, 9 events.
  10. University of Bristol, 9 events
  11. University of Kent, 9 events.
  12. University of Essex, 9 events.
  13. LSE, 8 events.
  14. University of Sussex, 8 events.
  15. University of Leeds, 8 events.


Which UK University Hosted the Most Events In Academic Year 2017-2018?


As reported by The Tab, SOAS hosted 43 "extreme" events alone in the academic year of 2017-18. King's College London hosted 8, which was less than Birmingham (10) and Queen Mary (9) .

In 2015, then Home Secretary Theresa May obliged UK universities to abide by the "Prevent duty" in order to protect students from extremist speakers under the Counter-Terrorism and Security Act (2015). The government guidance cites as follows: "In these circumstances the event should not be allowed to proceed except where [universities] are entirely convinced that such risk can be fully mitigated without cancellation of the event."


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