This AMAZING Professor Rescued Student From ISIS To Let Him Finish His Ph.D.

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If you believe professors are people with no soul, think twice. The Typical Student team is going to provide you with the ultimate proof there’s a prof who’s ready to go an extra mile to save their student so that they could finish their Ph.D.


Student In Danger, Prof Takes Action



Charlotta Turner is a chemistry professor at Lund University, Sweden. In 2014, she got a text message from her student Firas Jumaah saying he was unlikely to finish his Ph.D. due to threats from ISIS in Iraq. As reported by Fox News, he was stuck in an Iraqi town being surrounded and shelled by Islamic State militants. Firas entered the war zone after his wife who lived there told him that ISIS was massacring the men and enslaving women.


How To Save Student From ISIS?



After receiving the message, Ms Turner immediately got in touch with  Per Gustafson, the university’s then-security chief. Surprisingly enough, Per Gustafson had the transport and security deal “which stretched over the whole world.” In just a few days, Gustafson hired a private security company, which consequently moved into the war zone in two Land
Cruisers with four heavily-armed mercenaries to rescue Jumaah and his family.


All's Well That Ends Well




The mercenaries found Jumaah and his family in hiding and headed to an airport escaping the danger. The student and his family have managed to survive the ISIS occupation owing to pushback by the Kurdish forces aided by Western countries. In the end, Jumaah completed his Ph.D. successfully and now works at a pharmaceutical company in Malmö. His family almost paid off the university for the mercenaries that had saved them.

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