This New Powerful Shaggy Meme Is Beyond Hilarious And Matthew Lillard Is Enjoying It

2 years ago



This new "Powerful Shaggy" meme has just emerged and is already driving Twitter crazy. Brace yourselves, Scooby Doo fans, as there's some juice! The Typical Student team collected the best nuggets of gold for you to appreciate. 

So, it all started with a screenshot of Matthew Lillard's interview where he tells how he was possessed by the all-powerful being aka Shaggy Rogers while filming the Scooby-Doo movies.




As told by BuzzFeed, there's a reference to a cartoon clip titled "Scooby-Doo: Legend of the Phantasaur" showing Shaggy single-handedly taking down a biker gang in a bar brawl.



And then, people strated digging out other screenshots from the Scooby Doo's cast interviews:




Freddie Prince Jr and his spouse Sarah Michelle Gellar stepped in: 






In case you're interested, just take a peek at the r/BadAssShaggy community on Reddit, you'll be pleasantly surprised.




There are memes referencing some popular anime tropes, for instance using a "small percentage of power to achieve incredible feats":




Finally, all of this reached Matthew Lillard himself, and at first he didn't quite get the gist of these memes:



But then he started getting the taste of it: 








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