Tinder Conversation With a Guy Who Referred to Himself as a Snack (TEXTS INSIDE)

3 years ago



The Typical Student team keeps sharing viral text exchanges. This time around, Scottish student Morgan Hastie was chatting with her Tinder match and everything was great until the guy started referring to himself as a shack which Morgan could take to the cinema.





The guy texted, "Can I take you to the cinema, if you are allowed?" to what Morgan replied that she was allowed. But the guy texted her the following, "Aye, not usually allowed to take snacks in."

The tweet with this conversation has gone viral, it got over 10 thousand retweets and more than 56 thousand likes. And eventually, the tweet lead to Lewis G who appeared to be the very guy from Tinder. Lewis replied to Morgan’s tweet, "Can you give me my credit?" He also retweeted it with the words, "All my hard work on Tinder and the lass crops my photo out, sick."



Moreover, after the extreme popularity of the tweet, another guy decided to try it out for himself. So somehow he texted Morgan – the person who posted the tweet.




After the flirting failure Morgan replied to him, "You know it was me who tweeted that", to what the guy replied, "F*** off no way."


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