Dracula-ing, Bird Boxing & Deflexting: Tinder Has Just Revealed Dating Trends That Will Dominate In 2019

3 years ago



If you're wondering what's new on the dating scene, Tinder has something to tell you about the newest dating trends 2019. Previously, the Typical Student team told you about UGLIEST Online Dating Trends Students Must Beware Of in 2018. Without further ado, check out the trends below.


#1 Dracula-ing



That one happens quite a lot. Just imagine, a the person that surfaces only in the middle of the night to hit you with a “u up?” text.


#2 Exagger-date

Suppose you've had a date that didn't go that well. Exagger-date is sort of embellishing a date to let other people know it went way better than it actually did.


#3 Bird Boxing

Being blind to the negative side of your partner's personality. Intentionally disregarding the weak sides of the person you’re seeing.


#4 Buzz-erflies


Imagine, your phone buzzes, and there's this feeling you get thinking it's "maybe-special" someone you’ve been waiting to hear from.


#5 Deflexting


Some people like to blatantly ignore questions asked via texts and intentionally change the subject by brining up a different topic. And that feels kinda awkward.


#6 S.O. stalemate



When none of the people involved in a relationship wants to have that "define-the-relationship conversation" which leads to no relationship progress whatsoever.


#7 Insta-gator

Insta-gators are people initiating contact or first makes a relationship official via social media by tagging, DM-ing, or posting a photo of you two. 


#8 Three-dot disappearing act

The tortorous cycle of starting to type a message and then stopping. At that, the three dots in your conversation keep popping up and vanishing.


#9 iPhony



That nasty guy or gal who constantly promises to text you but never actually does.  


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