Too Many Private Schools in Dubai Follow Foreign Curriculums?

3 years ago



Bloomberg reports about the shift in the Dubai’s school market, which is reportedly “turning in favor of parents.” According to the education report by KnightFrank, extensive marketing and tuition fees discounts are symptomatic of an oversupply of schools. The Typical Student team tells you more about Dubai educational improvements.


How Many New Schools Are In Dubai?




In the current academic year, 13 more schools have been added on the list bringing the total number of private schools in Dubai to 207. According to the report, schools with UK curriculum are the most prominent in Dubai. There are 39% of UK curriculum schools with 34% of students in attendance.


Why is UK Curriculum Popular in Dubai?




According to the report, in academic year 2018/19, 6 more UK curriculum schools will increase the total number of schools to 85. UK curriculum is so popular in Dubai for a number of reasons:

  • Standardised curriculum and examination system helps students to easily transfer between schools and countries.
  • Variety of tuition fees cater to the vast range of society.
  • Similar educational experiences are  highly possible in UK standardized schools.

In the 2016-2017 academic year, the number of schools following a foreign curriculum was as follows:

  • U.K.: 74 schools with 93,771 students
  • American: 34 schools with 48,257 students
  • Indian: 33 schools with 79,579 students
  • International Baccalaureate: 11 schools with 13,232 students
  • U.A.E. Ministry of Education: 11 schools with 13,678 students



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