Top Three Yoga Trainer Courses in MP (India)

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Yoga is getting popular day by day and more and more people are getting interested. With the increasing popularity of Yoga, the demand of trained Yoga instructors are also increasing in India. In this article, we are going to provide you top three places in Central India (MP), which provides Yoga Training course.


1. ‘Yog Ratna’ Course 




Yog Ratna is an eight month comprehensive course for becoming a yoga trainer or instructor. As the popularity of yoga is increasing day by day, lots of people are getting interested in practicing yoga and hence, the requirement of trained yoga instructors is increasing as well. Yog Ratna course offered by Patanjali Yog Vidyapeeth, situated at Dr Varma's Farm House, Annapurna road Indore Madhya Pradesh, is one of the most complete yoga training courses.


What I like about the course was its complete set up. To begin with, there was no age bar for admission and when I joined the course; my batch had students ranging from 16 years to 70 years. The faculties are knowledgeable as well as friendly. They encourage you to learn more and more about yoga and yogic lifestyle. The faculties do not limit themselves to proficiency in yoga postures, breathing techniques and meditation techniques, but they also lay emphasis on yogic lifestyle.  This course would surely help a person evolving physically, mentally as well as spiritually. Although it is made and structured for yoga trainers, there were some people who came and joined the course because they were suffering from certain ailment and looking for its cure through Yoga and most of them were benefited from the course; I have personally experienced it. 



The only drawback if you can say it that way is that it is a proper course that involves monthly examination. This might refrain some people from joining the course simply because they are long done with their studies and the very thought of getting back to school and giving exam is enough to discourage them from joining it! But, the purpose of Examination is to evaluate the understanding of the students by the end of every month so that they can plan future proceedings accordingly.  Another shortcoming is that they have not really marketed themselves well enough. As gets listing in top casino sites search, their Yogratna site does not get listed anywhere when you search for top or popular Yoga Trainer courses in India. 


Most of the teachers or faculties and people, who are associated with the institute, are their own ex students and they do this job voluntarily and with great interest and enthusiasm. Due to it, the commercial environment is minimum in and around the institute. Fees of the courses is also nominal at 6000 Indian rupees for 8 months that is less than 800 rupees or just over $10 per month . The classes commence daily at 6:00 a.m. and runs till 7:30 a m. The first 45 minutes are mostly for body postures, breathing techniques and meditation and the last 45 minutes are given to the theory. The theory subject includes Patanjali classic book Yogsutra, Anatomy, How to cure specific diseases with Yoga and Natural Therapy, Vedant Darshan and Hatha Yoga. 


There is only one period daily that lasts for one and a half hours and is taken by a separate faculty every day. Faculties are very experienced, fit, enthusiastic and most importantly motivating. As they do this job voluntarily, this is more of a social service for them to spread the word of yoga and yogic lifestyle. I came to know that most of the students who had joined the Institute earlier, with their own problem at physical, mental and spiritual level were immensely benefited by Institute. Most of the faculties consist of these ex students. It seems like they think that it is their  duty to revert back and share what they have gained and achieved to this Institute.


This self motivation is the backbone of the institute whose foundation had been laid around 20 years back by Doctor R C Verma, who himself is a famous orthopedist Dr. Varma is a fit nonagenarian , who has been practicing yoga for over 50 years now. He chuckles that he has treated over 80% of his patients suffering from different kinds of bone disorders by simple and complex yoga and yogic techniques! I've also noticed that most of the people who are associated with this Institute treat their work as a social service and this is the reason that this institute has got an impeccable goodwill and a neat and clean reputation for over two decades. 


I have had not experienced any other Institute of Yoga and hence, I would not be able to compare it with its counterpart institutes in the market, but what I can say is that my experience in this institute has been very satisfactory. I can vouch for the credibility of this institute and I am sure that there are going to be many others like me, who have the same feeling for it.  If you suffer from an ailment and looking for yogic or natural solution for it or if you would like to become a good Yoga Trainer or even if, you would simply like to experience yogic lifestyle, then this course would surely benefit you at physical, mental and spiritual level. If you like to get more details about the institute and the courses offered by it, then you can visit their official website at YogRatna dot com.  


2. One month certificate course in Yoga, DAVV University 




 If you are looking for a quick as well as comprehensive and effective Yoga trainer course, then this course is going to be  one of the best options for you. My wife has completed this course and she is very satisfied with it. The course covers most of the important Aasans and Pranayams at basic as well as advanced level and depending on your potential and efforts made, you would be able to excel them with help of this platform. There is no age bar in this course either, but the seats are limited and the difficulty level is obvious. So, do this only when you are committed for such an effort. This course is offered once in a year by Devi Ahilya Vishva Vidhalaya, Takshila Campus, Khadawa Road, Indore (MP). 


3. Yoga Trainer course under PMKVY




The best thing about Pradhan Mantri Kaushal Vikaas Yogjana (PMKVY) is that they offer free training for the needy and talented people. This Yoga trainer course is funded by government and is a very effective and comprehensive course. Anyone who is interested in learning Yoga and is ready to work hard and follow the instructions provided during the course is sure to evolve as a great yoga trainer after completing the course. This course runs in different cities of MP as well as India. For more details simply search for PMKVY yoga trainer course near your area and get enrolled for free! 



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