Trump Administration Rescinds Obama Era Policies Yet Again: NO MORE Race-Based Guidelines in College Admissions

3 years ago



As reported by Reuters, the US Justice Department announced the roll back of race-based college admission guidelines used in the Obama era. Back in the day, an extensive set of policies urged higher education institutions to consider race as a factor in student admissions to promote diversity.




The new Trump administration directive brings back the rules put forth by the George W. Bush administration. As of now, educators are to abide by race-neutral practices. An official statement issued on behalf of Attorney General Jeff Sessions says the guidance was rescinded because of being "outdated, inconsistent...or otherwise improper."

This is not the first time Trump admins are rescinding the Obama-era policies. Previously, the Typical Student team told you about the plans to cancel Obama student loan forgiveness programs in Last Chance: How to Apply for Student Loan Forgiveness Before Trump Cancels It For Good? Also, it’s worth checking Betsy DeVos: Still US Education Secretary After These 4 EPIC Fails!


Where Did Race-Based College Admissions Come From?




Back in 2011, Obama administration suggested that taking race factor into consideration could bring diversity to college campuses and "enhance" the learning experience. According to Obama administration representatives, students with different cultural backgrounds and life experiences could greatly contribute to academic and social life “inside and outside the classroom."


According to the The Leadership Conference on Civil and Human Rights president, Vanita Gupta,  rescinding the Obama-era policies is a "part of its "agenda of intolerance and discrimination," and continued: "The Trump administration is once again failing in its responsibility for the well-being of all students by tossing aside diversity and inclusion – core American values."

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