Famous YouTuber Reveals All The Shocking Truth About College

3 years ago



Natalie Barbu is a college student and a famous YouTube blogger as well. She recently has posted a video where she reveals the truth about college and here's what the Typical Student team will tell you about!


The living situation



Natalie says that no matter where you live either in a dorm or in a rented apartment, you will share your house with a roommate (or roommates). And of course, you will have some fights with people you share a house. Thereby, Natalie advises to choose your roommate extremely carefully and to try and find some ways to avoid conflicts with your roommies.







According to Natalie, the prime time for the college parties is your freshman year, especially at the begging of the new academic year, while the fraternities are recruiting new members. However, Natalie claims that she really hates fraternity parties because it seems to her like people there are just pretending that they are having fun. She also adds that people at those parties are on their phones most of the time and it’s not something that Natalie considers to be fun.

Natalie says that hookups have already become an essential part of every college party. However, she also claims that sexual assault is no less essential thing at the college parties too. So advises to be super careful at the parties, never go there by yourself, and do not leave a party with a person you don’t know.


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