WHY DID IT HAPPEN: The Truth of Parkland Mass School Shooting Comes Out!

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There’s no American, who doesn’t remember the story of Parkland Mass Shooter. Looks like Stephen King’s ‘Rage’ happens IRL again. Not long ago, the confession of 19-year-old gunman was released. Today the Typical Student team is going to figure out the real reasons of the accident. During the first six months of 2018, US Schools Have Survived 101 Mass Shootings. Sadly, the number has grown ever since. 


When Did The Tragedy Happen?


On Valentine’s Day 2018, Nicolas Cruz gunned down 17 of his teachers and classmates in Marjory Stoneman High School in Parkland, Florida. Several hours later, police officers found the student walking near the school.

When sitting alone in the interview room, Cruz asked authorities to kill him. The student didn’t want police to read his rights, saying that he doesn’t even deserve a glass of cold water.

What’s On the Tape?


On the whole, the recently published confession takes 217 pages or nearly 12 hours. Cruz has admitted to having a long-term depression and multiple suicide attempts.

Moreover, Cruz swears he heard the evil voice all the time. The voice wanted the boy to kill, burn, and destroy. He said Cruz to call Uber and take the weapon to school that day.


What Did Cruz Say to the Police?




Soon Nicolas Cruz talked to John Curcio, Broward County Sheriff’s Detective. The boy was silent. His voice was very low and his head was down. Defective literally coaxed words out of the criminal.


“I Did a Lot No One Knew About”


Cruz claimed he didn’t remember such things as his address and phone number. He denied doing drugs but then said: “I did a lot no one knew about.” In the list were substances like weed and Xanax.


Why Did Cruz Want to Commit Suicide?


Cruz’s mom died two months before the shooting. It brought new depression and the student took a large amount of Ibuprofen. He wanted to kill himself.


“I was depressed about everything,” answered Cruz when the police asked him about the reasons. The main trigger was the fact Cruz’s mother was dying. 


Among the other reasons were loneliness, (he never had a lot of friends) failed grades and sadness after Cruz was kicked out of school.

Another suicide attempt was before his mother’s death. Cruz tried to overdose himself with alcohol. 


However, the relationship between Cruz and his mother wasn’t the warmest one. The gunman said mother always put him down and called the boy worthless, stupid, and crazy.


Was The Parkland Tragedy School's Fault? 

Report says that the school district officials were mistaken. Cruz shouldn’t have lost special needs services he received since 3 y.o. The student did require therapeutic assistance. And, as we can see, he still does.

After 12-hour conversation, Detective left the room. Sitting alone, Cruz continued asking: “Why didn’t he kill me?” He said he wants to die to the empty room again and again.

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