Turns Out, Twitch Streaming Is NOT An Easy Career Path As Most Students Think

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It goes without saying, we live in the era of live streaming. Literally everyone can become the broadcaster, so the question of views becomes a hot topic. But how not to get lost in that amount of streamers? As of recent, there’s been a huge splash of novice streamers on all possible websites as it’s believed to be the easiest way to earn a living.

You can live stream whatever you want – from your DIY tutorials to vlogs. Currently, Twitch is the biggest platform hosting streamers who not only play online games in real time, but also comment on their actions. The Typical Student team previously told you about How UK Students Educate Each Other by Doing Homework on YouTube.

What the Heck Is Twitch?

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In case you're still living under the rock, Twitch is the live video streaming website which attracts a lot of gamers, craft-lovers. In general almost two million broadcasters monthly. But we shouldn't forget that it became popular only recently as the rush of new streamers flooded the platform. The first streamers faced a lot of difficulties before finally becoming popular. John Hopstad was among the first to show his gaming skills on twitch. According to his words, it's better to die publically in the game, than playing silently by yourself. Though if you think that he gained a lot of views from the very beginning you will be absolutely wrong. For almost 5 years he streamed his videos for nobody.

How to Become a Popular Twitch Streamer?

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Veteran streamers usually follow some of the following tips to be head and shoulders above the others.

  • be yourself! (make everyone love your personality not some image on the screen)
  • have a list of topics to speak about
  • make up the schedule of your streams
  • have all necessary technical setup
  • don't keep silent! Speak your mind freely
  • find a game which isn't so popular with other streamers
  • promote your stream in social networks

Though even if you follow all these tips it won't make you number one on twitch platform. Don't forget people always check the most viewable ones.

Downsides of the Streaming Career


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Nowadays if you want to start a career of a twitch live streamer you will have to be ready for any difficulties. 

  • The most demotivating thing will be the absence of the audience. It can last a few days, weeks, months and even years. Moreover, it can provoke the feeling of being unneeded as it's so hard not to take your failures close to your heart. 
  • The next factor to think about is that you need to be interesting for the audience. It's not only about your gaming skills but also about your ability to comment every move in a curious way. 
  • The third point will be the following. Even if you promote your profile on special streaming broadcast you shouldn't forget that all others are doing the same thing. Begging each other to become their viewers will not add you any new follower.
  • The fourth factor will be the fact when the quantity of your viewers sticks at 10 people or so. Usually, it takes quite huge socializing skills to make this number grow.
  • The fifth point is connected to the previous one. Twitch is designed to support top streamers leaving all others out of the cold. Which means that your audience at first needs to find you and to like you somehow.

At first, it seems incredibly difficult to become a twitch number one streamer. But be sure after several years of struggle you'll be able to find your little audience.

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