Two Senior Students at McQueen High School Banned from Graduation After Dirt Bike Prank

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Two seniors at McQueen High School banned from walking at their graduation ceremony next week for a prank. Students Richie Whitney and Logan Christensen rode through the school halls on a dirt bike, the video footage of the prank was leaked online. The Typical Student team learned the details.


The Dirt Bike Prank



Richie Whitney, 18, banned from prom for a dirt bike prank


Richie Whitney, 18, was the main figure in the prank as he has been riding in motor cross since he was 8. Riche drove a dirt bike through the school while fellow student Logan Christensen, 17, opened the door. According to Whitney, the students "saw on the internet some guy do it in another state and we thought it was funny." 

According to the school district,  there is no specific policy to address a senior prank like this. but there is a student behavior policy. Here's what the official statement reads:  "In the case of the incident at McQueen High School, a student rode a motorcycle through the hallways earlier this week while other students recorded the incident and circulated it on social media. This was disruptive to the smooth operation of the school and clearly posed serious risk of injury to other students and staff members in the vicinity."


Did Richie and Logan Plan Their Prank?

Turns out, Richie and Logan have been planning the prank since they were sophomores. As told by Reno Gazette Journal, the students were thinking out "how to ride through the school without damaging property and making sure the halls were empty when students were in class."  Whitley even covered his racing bike with vibrant pink duct tape to make it stand out as he drove through the halls. 

Richie, who has a 3.3 GPA wants to be a firefighter, while Logan wants to study welding and business at TMCC.  The latter student is also starting a clothing line and sticker company to "support himself while growing his business with a career in welding." Logan has never been in trouble at school. 

Take a look at the video below to see the prank:


Other Pranksters

The dirt bike prank isn't the only instance when students were banned from the graduation ceremonies next week. As told by the Reno Gazette Journal, students at Hug High were prohibited to walk at graduation "after spray-painting foul language and offensive pictures on the walls of the school and leaving alcohol bottles on campus." 

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