2,592 Stanford Students Registered As Voters For Midterm Election

3 years ago



With election campaign going on in the US, looks like Stanford students are ahead of everyone else. Over two thousand students have shown amazing civic engagement this time. And, experts believe this is way too different from the usual lower-than-average voter turnout among Stanford students. If the percentages are compared with other US colleges and universities. The Typical Student team learned what has caused such an impressive political engagement for Stanford students.


How Did Stanford Students Get So Politically Engaged?



Source: Stanford News


The Stanford Votes campaign on campus became one of the impulses that made an impact on students. As told by the stanford news, the campaign has already “signed up 2,592 Stanford students for voter registration, absentee ballot requests, ballot requests and election reminder sign-ups.” This has been initiated by the Stanford In Government volunteer group, the student-led affiliate of the Haas Center for Public Service.


How Many Stanford Students Voted Before?



Source: Stanford News


The National Study of Learning, Voting and Engagement (NSLVE) has shown that in 2016, only 48.1% of eligible Stanford students – including undergrads, graduate students and postdocs – voted in the presidential election. In comparison, among other higher education institutions nationwide, only 50.4% of students voted.  In 2014, fewer than one in five students have taken part in midterm election.

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