It's Never Too Late To Graduate: Two War Veterans Aged 95 and 85 Graduate High School

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It's never too late for education - at least that's what Joe Perricone, 95, and Bill William Arnold Craddock, 85, thought last Saturday. The Typical Student team just couldn't contain the excitement after learning about these two graduates. 

Elderly Graduates

Both Perricone and Craddock had to leave high school early to enter the military. Both are veterans: Perricone served in World War II, Craddock served in the Korean War. Last Saturday, both became high school graduates class of 2019. The stories of both veterans are told by CNN. 


Joe Perricone



Joe Perricone, 95, was a student at Hillsborough High School in Tampa, Florida, when he was drafted to serve in the US Army in World War II in 1943. Perricone did receive the diploma but never walked for graduation. A little over 70 years later, owing to his grandson, Judge Thomas Palermo, Perricone walked with the class of 2019. He was honored for his service and was first to walk across the stage at the graduation ceremony.


Bill William Arnold Craddock



Bill William Arnold Craddock (on the right) joined the Air Force at 16. He had to leave the Volunteer High School in Church Hill, Tennessee and never graduated. Craddock could've graduated in 1953, but served in the Korean War instead. He did complete his GED but never got to the graduation walk.  So, 66 years later he got the chance to make his dream come true. At the graduation ceremony, Craddock got some advice: "Study hard, be good, and learn all you can. Get the best education you can get."

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