Tyra Banks in Awe of This UNT Student’s Trampoline Photoshoot, and Here's Why!

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Looks like this student from Denton, Texas, has all chances of landing a job on America’s Next Top Model for catching Tyra Banks’ attention! Last week, Daniel Ebonwonyi, 20, a student at the University of North Texas, found out how hard doing a photo shoot on a trampoline can actually be! The Typical Student team learned the details. 

unt-student-trampoline-photoshoot-03Source: wfaa.com

According to Daniel, it took him three hours only to build the trampoline! The aspiring photographer has long been nursing an idea of putting a trampoline on the roof of his school’s parking garage to make a photo shoot. Daniel says he likes bringing things to the next level, so one of his aspirations was to make a model fly in a photo shoot.  

“I want to make somebody fly and then the idea of the trampoline came to mind,” Daniel confessed in his interview. Long story short, Ebonwonyi called his classmate, Halimat Shakunbi, who happens to be a model! And, Halimat agreed to take part in Daniel’s crazy idea of a flying photoshoot.


Source: wfaa.com

“Girls Got Skills Oh My My My”

First, the two students performed a test photoshoot on the top floor of the parking garage. But a few hours later, the police gave the students a warning to take the trampoline down for safety reasons. Even though they were forced to relocate the trampoline, Daniel still kept the initial photoshoot idea in mind. The aspiring photographer took to Twitter to present his idea to the Twitterverse and the post went viral!

After almost 150K users saw the pictures, Tyra Banks suddenly retweeted the post with a witty caption:

“Smizing in the sky

Up so high

Girls got skills

Oh my my my”


Looks like Tyra got inspired with the pictures she even composed a lyric! Who knows, Daniel and his model friend Halimat might end up landing jobs in model industry one day!

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