US College Students Turn a Painting That Looks Like Jesus Into Their New Religion

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There’s no secret that finals, as well as any other exams, is a hard time for students. Many of learners hit as many books as possible just before and during the session. Needless to say, there are also the ones, who ask for help some, you know, spiritual creatures. However,

this time, art students appeared to be unbelievably creative. Let the Typical Student team tell you more about the story!


The Original Story


So, we already got used to the fact that many students become quite religious just before the exams. There are so many jokes about it. We are not sure if prayers can really help one to pass an exam but this new students religion is definitely worthy of your attention. Why? Just because these art students found the picture, which somehow looks like Jesus.


Where Did It Happen?


The story happened in Savannah College of Art and Design. There’s a building called “Montgomery House”, which used to be a coffin factory. Today, it’s a new place for worship and prayers. The building has no windows or clocks. On the other hand, it has an eye-catching pic of a man, who resembles Jesus.

As soon as the image appeared on the walls of Montgomery House, local students started coming there with candles and written prayers.

Now, let's see what students tell about the school and the building, which surprisingly became famous.







Credits: @popculturepagan

There was another unusual story!



And that's how others react:


More comments from local students:



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