US Student Surprisingly Arrested in Chicago. The Reason: Acting As Illegal China Agent

3 years ago



This time, the Typical Student team has very unusual news for you. Chinese student, who studies and lives in US, was arrested in Chicago. The reason: acting 'as an illegal agent' of China.

Who’s this guy?


Ji Chaoqun is 27 y.o. and September 2018 he was accused of acting as an "illegal agent". he was described as a "high-level intelligence officer" of a provincial department of the Ministry of State Security, China's top espionage agency. Somehow, US Department decided that Ji is spying on behalf of Beijing.



Ji is a student of electrical engineering at the Illinois Institute of Technology in Chicago, US. He’s also enlisted in the US Army Reserves under a program that allows foreign nationals to be recruited if their skills are considered "vital to the national interest."

The officials say that the student may face up to 10 years in prison if they find him guilty of acting as an illegal foreign agent.

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