UC Berkeley Set Up Vigil for Food Delivery Robot That Caught Fire On Campus

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Who doesn’t use food delivery these days? It’s convenient and fun, especially if there’s a robot doing it. Still, even robots fail once in a while, and that’s exactly what happened to a KiwiBot, an automated food delivery robot on UC Berkeley's campus. According to Mashable, the robot just caught fire last Friday afternoon! The Typical Student team learned more about this situation.


What Happened On UC Berkeley Campus?








The KiwiBot manufacture explained the incident happened because of the faulty battery that for some reason “had been mistakenly installed instead of a functioning one.” While the robot was idling, the battery suddenly ignited outside the Martin Luther King Jr. Student Union.





The post on social media read: "A member of the community acted swiftly to extinguish the flames using a nearby fire extinguisher. Within moments of the incident occurring, it had already been contained." The eye-witnesses to the incident filmed it on camera, and a crowd of students gathered around the blaze.


Vigil For The Robot








It is yet unknown whose idea it was to set up a candlelight vigil for the fallen robot. However, the KiwiBot was referred to as a "hero" and a "legend" on Facebook. The manufacturer of KiwiBots announced it had pulled robots from service, and that orders in progress were delivered by hand. Obviously, there’s a reason for UC Berkeley to feel sorry for the KiwiBot: it has been used to deliver food around the campus since 2017. Over 100 robots are operating as part of the fleet.



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