UCLA Alum Alleges USC Campus Doctor Sexually Abused Him, 48 Patients File Lawsuit

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A former graduate student at the University of California, Los Angeles, stepped forth with allegations against Dennis Kelly (the medical worker accused of sexual abuse by 48 patients at the University of Southern California). The student alleges Kelly gave him "two invasive and inappropriate rectal exams in the 1990s." Another former student, Quentin Lee, said his two medical appointments with Kelly were "the two most unpleasant medical experiences [he's] had." The Typical Student team learned more about the story. 


Sexual Abuse Allegations



48 current and former students at the USC, all of them gay or bisexual men, claimed Dr. Kelly "gave them intrusive rectal probes or fondled their genitals" for almost two decades prior to his resignation in 2018. so far, Kelly’s lawyers didn't respond to allegations. Kelly believes he treated his patients professionally, commenting: “I know I did it all professionally and without any other motive.”


Dr. Kelly's Medical Career



Doctor Kelly

Credit: classmates.com

Kelly got employed at  UCLA in 1980. Twenty years after that, in 2002, he resigned and signed "a confidential settlement that paid him $68,320 and barred him from seeking employment at any University of California campus," BuzzFeed News reports. According to the UCLA statement, the settlement had nothing to do with “allegations of sexual misconduct.”

In the same statement, Lee’s allegations were called "disturbing" and were under the university review." Lee was a student at UCLA’s School of Theater, Film, and Television in the fall of 1993. Lee, who was 23 years back then, recollected that the reason for his medical appointment at the UCLA student health center was “a cold or flu or something.” He said he was given a rectal examination by Kelly instead of a regular check-up. Then the student asked if that was necessary, as he thought it was strange. Lee said there was silence throughout the examination that made him feel very uncomfortable.


Sexual Abuse During Medical Examination



Credit: Quentin Lee

It is reported that Lee’s allegations are partly similar to those of the 48 patients from USC. Most men have claimed that Kelly would tell them to undress. The doctor would not leave the examination room or look away, then "he would tell them to get on the table on their hands and knees." Most of them said Kelly would keep silent while examining them. "Then, without warning, he would insert his fingers or a device into their rectum, keeping it in place for up to a few minutes."

As reported by the BuzzFeed News, fifty men have filed a lawsuit that accused Kelly of “sexual battery,” “gender violence,” and “sexual harassment.”  45 plaintiffs claim Kelly gave them "inappropriate rectal exams." 23 plaintiffs claim he gave them "prolonged genital exams that made them feel anything from “distressed” to “violated.” According to their lawsuits, the USC officials are accused of negligence and concealing claims of sexual abuse and harassment. So far, no criminal charges have been filed.


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