What the Heck is 'Gatsbying?' UGLIEST Online Dating Trends Students Must Beware Of in 2018

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Modern world literary lives online. Nowadays, most of the people spend the whole days on their phones and students are no exception. Furthermore, students spend more time online than adults. Therefore, dating apps are extremely popular not only among adults, but among students as well. Moreover, students perhaps are the target audience of dating apps. The Typical Student team previously told you about 7 BEST Dating Apps for Students to Find a Perfect Match and 8 WEIRDEST Phrases That Ruined The First Date Completely.

Online dating is a casual thing for all students. So it’s obvious that there are some rules and trends of using dating apps that every student should know. Here is a list of seven dating trends that you have to know if you are looking for a partner online.

#1 Gatsbying


This latest trend in dating was named after Jay Gatsby – the main character of F. Scott Fitzgerald’s famous novel ‘The Great Gatsby’. Those of you who have read the novel or seen the movie know that Gatsby organized extremely huge and glamorous parties in order to impress his beloved Daisy. Consequently, ‘to Gatsby’ means to post a glamorous photo, video, selfie, or story to your social media account just to impress your ‘special one’.

#2 Marleying


The term ‘Marleying’ comes from Charles Dickens’ ‘A Christmas Carol’ in which a ghost of Jacob Marley visited Scrooge on the Christmas Eve. Thus, ‘Marleying’ is a sudden appearance of your exes during the holidays, basically Christmas holidays.

#3 Ghosting

Ghosting is a casual strategy of online dating. It’s comes from a classic strategy of ‘being cold and unreachable’ which has to make your date finally abandon you. In 21st century, this classic movie becomes a trend in online dating. So ‘Ghosting’ is ignoring your online date’s messages in order to get rid of them. Pretty cruel but it definitely works and achieves its goal quite fast.

#4 Caspering


‘Caspering’, named after a cartoon character, is a gentle alternative to ghosting. In other words, Caspering is honestly saying your online date that you let them down before stop texting them.

#5 Shaveducking


This latest online dating trend, or maybe it’s better to say fear, concerns the male part of online dating apps users. Shaveducking is a name for the state of fear or anxiety that you are only beautiful wearing your beard or that you seem attractive to somebody just because of your beard. That may sound ridiculous, however, beards are extremely trendy now and probably shaveducking has a quite solid basis for existence.

#6 Sidebarring


Sidebarring is considered to be the latest dating trend, however, it is actually a violation of basic courtesy rules. So sidebarring is being on your phone, texting in particular, while you are on a date or other social event. The reasons of using this trend can be different from ‘trying to create a casual behavior’ to ‘showing that the date went terribly wrong’. But still sidebarring is incredibly rude and impolite.

#7 Freeclimbing


Freeclimbing is a new online dating trend which basically is searching all kinds of information about your online date with the help of social media accounts and thoughtful leading questions. Despite the absurdity of using freeclimbing, it can actually save your life because you never know who your online date really is.


Just keep these dating trends in mind while preparing for a date, forewarned is forearmed.

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