UK Billionaire David Harding Donates £100M to Cambridge University

2 years ago



As reported by BBC News, hedge fund billionaire, David Harding, has made a rich donation of £100M to Cambridge University. Mr. Harding's donation is the "biggest single gift made to a university in the UK by a British philanthropist" according to the news outlet. The Typical Student team learned where exactly the money is to be distributed. 


Where Will £100M Donation To Cambridge University Distributed?



The £79M slice of therichest donation ever made to a UK universtiy is meant to fund postgraduate scholarships for 100+ PhD students and be invested in attracting students from "under-represented groups". The funding distribution will start in October, at that, around £25M of donation will go to St Catharine's College, where Mr Harding studied natural sciences.

As for the remaining £21M, it will be donated towards undergraduate support. Also, Mr. Harding wishes to "encourage further alumni philanthropy" , so £1M of the donation will be invested in attracting students from "under-represented groups".


Cambridge University Plans For The Future



BBC News reports that Cambridge University has a goal to increase the number of postgraduates in residence by 13% from 6,500 in 2016-17 to about 7,400 by the end of 2021. Prior to Mr Harding, the largest single donation to a British university was made in 2000 by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. Back then, the Gates donated $210M (£161M) to Cambridge University.


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