Is UK Muslim Student To Become The First Miss England in Hijab?

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Looks like UK is going to introduce the first beauty queen in hijab. This Muslim girl is 29-year-old student from Huddersfield. In this post, the Typical Student team will tell you more about the beauty.

Who’s That Girl?


Sara Iftekhar is 29 y.o. She studies law at the University of Huddersfield and has brilliant plans: to become Miss England next week. The ceremony will happen at Kelham Hall, Nottinghamshire. Now, Sara is the first girl, who will catwalk in a hijab during the Miss England content. 

Summer 2018, Sara already posted a pic with her first trophy. She wrote: 

"Wowwwwwww!!!! I can't even comprehend how amazing it felt for my name to be announced as a finalist in the Miss England Finals 2018! Alhamdullilah. It was an incredible experience and something which I will never be able to forget. The opportunities which I have received with being a finalist in Miss England are opportunities which I would never have thought of and will forever be grateful for."

What Else Should You Know About Sara?


Well, Sara is in the top 50 girls chosen out of 22,000. Now, she wants to use her new fame to help people. Muslim student helps to raise money for Beauty with a Purpose. It was made to support unprivileged children all around the world. Among them, there are young students from South America, Vietnam, Sri Lanka and Russia.

Sara created a page on GoFundMe and that’s what the girl wrote:

"Beauty with a Purpose has been raising money for the past 46 years. It helps local and international organizations in order to help unprivileged children around the world. They have raised money for the Cleft Palate Teams in South America, Sri Lanka, and Russia, alongside carrying out fundraising tours in order to support the abandoned and neglected children in Vietnam.

I participated in Miss 2018 in order to show that beauty doesn't have a definition, everyone is beautiful in their own ways, regardless of their weight, race, colour or shape."


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