UK Parent Ruins Their Kids’ Career Because of Gay Teacher

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The story is about a parent, who pulled children out of the class after learning that their teacher is gay. The Typical Student team thought that things like that are already left in the past. However, it happens again. Still, the teacher’s answer is amazing!

Gay Teacher Gets a Backlash From UK Parent 

This story happened in London, England. Michael works as a performing arts teacher for years. He is a good father, a Christian, a studious worker, who loves his job… And he’s gay. 


Being parent, Michael has been worrying about the way he influences children but it’s not about his sexuality. It’s about the way other parents react to it! Recently, Michael got the message from his students’ parent. They learned he is gay and announced that children won’t visit Michael’s classes anymore. The reason: Michael’s “lifestyle choices.”

 “Theatre without gays is like cooking without spices”


Needless to say, living in the 21st Century, Michael was completely shocked. The parent wanted their kids to have a theatre education and Michael has no idea how it can be possible now. Continuing studying without even talking to a gay person seems to be impossible.

“Theatre without gays is like cooking without spices,” commented London teacher.

 What Was The Answer?

So, Michael answered a parent's insulting text message. Being hurt by the fact that his personal life influences the future of the students, Michael shared these thoughts on his Twitter page. His answer amazed the audience and soon this message was widely shared.

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How Did Twitterverse React?


As per usual, the Twitterverse just couldn't steer clear of the story, so users commented on the incident in the usual manner:



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