UK Student Escorted from Uni Library by Police for Hoarding 20 Books

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Did you know, grabbing a book in a uni library can actually cause problems with the police? 20 books, to be exact. The Tab reports that a Liverpool John Moores student “was escorted from the Sydney Jones library after hoarding 20 books on her desk”. When she was asked to put the books back, she refused. The Typical Student team learned the details of this unusual incident.


Book-Hoarding Student Refused to Put the Books Back



Source: The Tab


Earlier this week, students witnessed their fellow student piling up dozens of books she had taken from the library on her desk The footage obtained from security cameras at Sydney Jones Library shows the staff approaching the girl to make sure she was alright. However, her reaction was quite hostile.


Reason for Student’s Hostility


student-hoarded-20-books-refused-to-return-them-02Source: The Tab


According to one of the witnesses, the girl is an international student. She reportedly told the staff it was "her right to have those books." She believed that the main reason to confront her was because "she was European and not from this country." When the library staff continued asking her about the number of books, she allegedly said: "this is as many books as you need to get a first."


Eventually, after failing to make the girl put the books back or leave the library the staff called the police. The officers said that "arresting her was the last thing they wanted to do" and escorted the book-hoarder from the library. Other students thought it was "excessive but quite funny nonetheless."


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